Welcome, Kittypet. You have wandered far from your nest. This is The Warriors Forest, you may look around, but you may join... If you dare.
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A drought is here! The water is dangerously low and the prey is low. Cats are dying!
Windclan Territory (RP) Vdfpjc
Leader: Firestar
Deputy: Wildheart
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
Windclan Territory (RP) 15zhai8
Leader: Darkstar
Deputy: ~OPEN~
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
Windclan Territory (RP) Bfnrmf
Leader: Hawkstar
Deputy: Brackensong
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
Windclan Territory (RP) Fmqrut
Leader: Shimmerstar
Deputy: Thunderstrike
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
Current Moon Phase and Weather
Season: Greenleaf
Weather: Completely Clear skies and incredibly dry
Prey: Low
Water: Low


 Windclan Territory (RP)

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PostSubject: Windclan Territory (RP)   Windclan Territory (RP) EmptyTue May 22, 2012 7:21 pm

Windclan is the swift and loyal clan. These cats are the best runners out of all four clans. They're fiercely loyal, tough, and easily offended cats. Their prey is mainly rabbits. They prefer to sleep out in the open, and their territory is moorland.

(Information from warriorcats.com)

I am Firestar. Leader of Thunderclan.

Windclan Territory (RP) I_Heart_Firestar_Stamp_by_Warriors_Fan_Club
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PostSubject: Re: Windclan Territory (RP)   Windclan Territory (RP) EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 12:34 am

Brackensong gazed around the open moorland and opened her jaw to taste for prey. Her tail curled in satisfaction when she caught the scent of rabbit.
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Windclan Territory (RP)
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