Welcome, Kittypet. You have wandered far from your nest. This is The Warriors Forest, you may look around, but you may join... If you dare.
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A drought is here! The water is dangerously low and the prey is low. Cats are dying!
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Leader: Firestar
Deputy: Wildheart
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
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Leader: Darkstar
Deputy: ~OPEN~
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
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Leader: Hawkstar
Deputy: Brackensong
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
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Leader: Shimmerstar
Deputy: Thunderstrike
Medicine Cat: ~OPEN~
M.C. Apprentice: ~OPEN~
Current Moon Phase and Weather
Season: Greenleaf
Weather: Completely Clear skies and incredibly dry
Prey: Low
Water: Low
The World of The Warriors

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These forums need to stay PG-13. I mean seriously. If you want your characters to mate, time-skip or fade to black! Remember, the main roleplays are based off the books so rp it like it IS the book. In other roleplays, including fanclans, I don't know, but DO NOT go far into detail. I'll be the judge what's acceptable and not. If you REALLY want to rp it out, take it to PM, or find another site. Minor swears that aren't even swears like, crap, damn, hell, and bastard are permitted. If you want to use a stronger word, censor it like f*ck, a**, sh*t, b*tch, ect. Please note use "warrior swears" in the real roleplays. (Like, mouse-brain, fox-dung, ect.) I am well aware that where some of you live bullying is illegal. Bullying on this site IS NOT acceptable. If you have a feeling you are being bullied, report right away and I'll judge. Do not overreact things because I DO NOT sugarcoat things. I know the difference between bullying, teasing, and stating opinions. So don't expect a person who says, "I don't like My Little Pony," to be banned. Trolling is absolutely not tolerated her! I cannot stress this enough! If you are caught trolling, YOU WILL BE BANNED. Do not try me! Trolling is THE absolute worst cyber-bullying there is. Once again, i'm the judge, and I decide what's trolling and whatnot. So, don't you dare try to sugarcoat things. If you do not follow these rules, or others posted on the board by me, you will be punished. I'll judge how extreme it is and how bad of a punishment it is, so be good kiddies! Thanks for reading! ~Firestar, Admin